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ANTItheist.net And The NO God Network [Sep. 15th, 2006|01:57 pm]
atheist under ur bed

There are a lot of good atheist sites on the web.

If you ever get sick of my diary - or if you ever want more information about athiesm than I can ever hope to post - you might enjoy checking out ANTItheist.net and the NO God Network.

Here’s some relevant information (as posted at the relevant sites):

“ANTItheist is a website dedicated to ending dangerous and irrational religious beliefs. We are not against theists, we are against being theist ourselves.

“We take the stance that theism and its corresponding religions are harmful to society and individuals, and that it is NOT ok to just ‘live and let live.’ Because religious people have NO factual evidence to support their convictions, it is our duty to help these people use what remains of their critical thinking skills to unravel concepts that are not real. Why? Because people that steadfastly believe things that can't be proven are insane, and insane people are often harmful to themselves and others.

“Theism is a dangerous mental disorder that requires a cure.

“We have already seen that religious convictions cause people to kill themselves and others in the name of their god(s). We all know that tens of thousands of people die every year in wars that are fundamentally fought over religiously based culural differences.

“But theism is even more destructive to everyday human progress. Regressive religious beliefs cause people to avoid birth control and contraceptions that prevent the spread of deadly diseases. Theism causes people to feel guilty or ‘dirty’ over benign and natural realities like nudity and sexuality. Other forms of theism cause people to avoid taking medicine, taking blood, or undergoing life-saving surgeries. Theism also prevents or slows science from making critical advances in genetics and biotechnology. Theists actively lobby to dismantle many freedoms and human rights merely because their imaginary gods forbid them. Theism also robs the world of hundreds of billions of dollars every year by demanding donations so it can spread its irrational paradigms as far and as deep as possible. And of course, theism robs people of their time and their minds. Billions of hours are squandered on religious thoughts. Hundreds of billions. If this time was instead devoted toward rational, scientific endevours...just imagine how much more advanced we would be...imagine how much faster our progress as a human race would be!

“Religion doesn't just kill us. It robs our minds and our bodies and breaks our spirts. That is what it's supposed to do. It is designed to control us. And ‘control’ is just a nicer way of saying ‘enslave.’ In short, religion is our slavemaster and we are its slaves, and it enslaves us whether we believe or not.

“It doesn't have to be this way though.

“But it will take more than atheism. We cannot just deny the existence of god. We must deny theism the right to enslave just as we deny killers the right to murder.

“Don't be a passive observer of this violent human tragedy anymore. Demand rationality. Demand mental freedom for all.”

“What is the NO God Network? It is simply a collection of websites managed by atheists that share the same userbase. Anyone that becomes a member of any of the NO God Network sites will automatically be able to login at its sister sites without having to register for a new username and password. We've joined forces so that the atheist community is less fractured and more cohesive.”

Here are some of the sites that are part of the Network:

----- Free Thinking Teens - Community site for younger freethinkers

----- The Rational Response Team - Freethinking Radio Show that debunks myth and religious dogma

----- Ask The Atheist - Ask a “professional” atheist your questions

----- End Christmas - Support the War on Christmas

That last one is probably the most controversial. Here’s how they explain its origins and purpose:

“Bill O'Reilly and the Religious right have been saying for a few years now that there is a War on Christmas, by espousing such ridiculous views as ‘The cashier at Target didn't say Merry Christmas’ so there must be a War on Christmas. We've decided to show them what an actual War on Christmas might look like. EndChristmas.com is here because we support the so-called War on Christmas. Our war efforts involve going to Christian churches and placing The God Who Wasn't There DVD's in or around the properties. Our goal is to encourage Christians to view this movie with the hope that they will begin to question the validity of their erroneous beliefs. We place thought provoking flyers, and educate the public on the true origins of the Christmas holiday season (nothing to do with Christ). Over 1000 copies of The God Who Wasn't There movie will be given as gifts in Churches around the country this Holiday Season (2006), and countless more flyers will be given out!”

If you have time to check out anything these sites have to offer, please come back and tell me what you think. What YOU have to say just might help me decide how much money I donate to them.